Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Do It

I decided after much procrastination and making more excuses than I thought possible to start this blog. My blog is going to be about the good, the bad, the funny, the not so funny, embarassing, silly, life altering moments of my life with MS.

I know that essentially everyone is blogging about something. And of course that was one of my many excuses not to do this. Along with...Who's going to read my blog? Am I a good enough writer? Will people think I'm interesting? Witty. Intelligent? Will the other kids like me? And then I figured I'll never know the answer to those probing questions until I actually got off my butt and started writing.

I think a blog about having MS needs to be out there. It's not just for people with MS. It's also for the people in our lives as well as individuals with other types of autoimmune diseases.

For lack of a better way of saying it...I'm going to keep it real. I'm going to provide full disclosure about what's going on in my life. Not pull any punches. Be brutally honest. Not hide a single thing.

I want this to be a space where people can come and understand that while I have MS, it doesn't define me and it doesn't have to define them.

While I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv, I'm going to provide information and advice that I've found helpful. Serve as a cheerleader (without pom-poms and the short skirt) about dealing with life with MS. And hope to meet a lot of other people who share this world with me.

Tomorrw...the beginning of my story.


  1. Hey Lisa, I am so proud of you for doing this. I know that doing this will not only help you but many others along the way. I have a very dear friend from grade school that was diagnosed with MS at 20. Her symptoms came on fast and furious. Much quicker than most.
    It was a really difficult struggle for her to come to terms with what MS was doing to her body. I have tried over the years to support her as best I can but I know having more insight on a personal level will give me better tools to help her.
    I am looking forward to following your blog and your business. Your are truly making a difference.

  2. Congrats on starting this girl! Good luck!

    Helena :)