Friday, September 4, 2009

Good bedside manner

I wasn't feeling particularly interesting or witty yesterday so I didn't sit down to write my blog. I didn't want to put my readers to sleep. That would be relevant if I actually had readers. In time. Baby steps.

When I was diagnosed I knew that finding a good, understanding neurologist was key. Of course my husband was all over it. Because that's what men do (they research, find answers and fix things) and because he had worked at the U of R and had contacts. I'm from Rochester, NY by the way.

As a result...I made an appointment with the head of the MS Center at Strong Hospital. An extremely intelligent, kind man who was willing to put up with my many questions and my need to explore alternative options. He wasn't necessarily a proponent of the alternative options, but told me if it made me feel better and it wasn't harmful then do what I need to do. I always kept him in the loop about what herbs I was taking or if I'd gone to acupuncture. He did raise his eyebrows at me a couple of times, but kept his comments to himself. I can only imagine what he was thinking when I'd walk into his office with 10 bottles of Chinese herbs.

The bonus is that he has a nurse practioner working with him who specializes in MS. She is truly amazing!!! She always listens. Always has good input. And always makes me feel like everything is okay.

I consider myself very lucky to have found these individuals. Especially since I've heard some stories about doctor/patient relationships that are so not good.

My point here (and there always is one eventually) is...make sure you find a neurologist that makes you feel comfortable, answers you questions and provides good input. If you don't like your doctor and they have the bedside manner of an armadillo...get a new doctor!!! This is your life. Take charge.

I'm going to take the long weekend off and enjoy the nice weather. Until next time...

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